Sunday, 30 December 2007

2007 in review - Part 1

I don't know about you guys, but I always get a bit reminiscent at this time, towards the end of the year. Looking back at the year we are leaving behind - the good times, the news, the adventures, the trips, the visitors, and the the not so good times.
But I'm also looking forward to a brand new year ahead, with lots of new happenings to come. Feels sad and exciting at the same time!

2007 was a particularly exciting year for us of course, with the big move across to the other side of the world. But apart from that, a lot of other things happened as well. I thought I would give you a little recap, and here are some pictures from the first half of the Watson's 2007:


This year we actually got some snow! But we had to be quick with the camera, the next minute it was already gone, almost!

Lucas celebrated his 3 years, with lots of presents, and a day at Tilgate Park together with Mormor och Morfar. We later had a birthday party for him and all the little friends as well.
The favourite present was his Tom (from Fireman Sam) Helicopter.

He also got a Batman outfit.


In the beginning of February, me and the kids went to see Dorte, Lars, Lukas and Anna in Berlin. We had a couple of nice days, mostly just letting the kids play, but we also went in to central Berlin and visited KDV for Brunch and some powershopping. Here is Lucas, Lars & Lukas having "cowboy food" in Lukas' playhouse:

Linnea and Anna:

And before we went to NZ, we just had time to visit little Wataru who had just come home from hospital. Isn't he cute?


In (February/)March, we went to New Zealand, and caught up with Grandma and Granddad, and also the cousins (White Family) who had come over from Sydney. A good time, as always, full of fishing, boating, picnics, play and good food!


In April we celebrated Easter. Here is Lucas in front of this years Påskris (=easter decoration).

We also went to the Key's place for an Easter party. We had arranged an Easter Egg Hunt, to the delight of all the kids. Especially Cameron, who had never had chocolate before..!

A silly April-photo of the kids:

At the end of April, the kids and I went home to Skara for a visit.

Doing just all the normal things, like feeding the fish with Morfar.

And all the not so normal things, like going up in a Firetruck with Mummy!


This was the time we had made a decision about Brunei, and started planning for the move. I did about four-five carboots, this is our first one. I dragged Nathan along for this one, it was actually quite fun!


In June the kids and I went back home, to go on a camping trip together with Mormor and Morfar. We were a bit worried, but it actually worked out a lot better than we had all expected! The kids were great! We travelled around south of Sweden and saw a lot of places. We went to the BRIO-museum in Osby for example.

We went to Helsingborg to celebrate Midsommarafton (=Midsummers), and we braved the elements (and the sizzling rain) to dance around the Midsummer's pole. It was a beautiful place to be, we went for a big walk, and then had traditional sill & nypotatis (=herring and new potatoes) and of course strawberries, for dinner in the camper.

We celebrated Morfars birthday, with presents, cake and nice dinner at a flash restaurant in Ystad.

And we visited our friends the Wellanders in Vinslöv! We played the whole afternoon in their garden, had a yummy bbq and they also took us out to the Glassbåten (=icecream boat) in Åhus, and for a litte drive to see their new summerhouse.

We also went to Skånes Djurpark (=Skåne Zoo), a park that shows all the Scandinavian animals; we saw bears, wolves and mooses amongst other things.

At the end of June, true to tradition - Sören, Katja and Filippa came to see us. It was really nice, as always. Amongst other things, we went to Fisher's Farm a whole day, and had lots of fun!

They continued in to London after having spent a couple of days with us in Horsham, and we joined them one of the days; strolled around London, had lunch at Giraffe, picnic in Hyde Park, did some shopping and - the Millenium Wheel.


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