Sunday, 2 December 2007

The Final Countdown

Yesterday it begun, the final countdown - to Christmas!
As you know, in Sweden, we celebrate Christmas on the 24Th, and most kids will have some sort of calendar that starts on the 1st of December, to countdown the 24 days until the BIG one!

I know this custom exists in other countries as well, mostly with chocolate calendars, but in Sweden many kids get paketkalendrar (=present calendars).
I grew up with one, and I wanted to continue this nice tradition for my kids.
Lucas inherited my old one, and Mormor made a new one for Linnea. (Knowing my children, taking turns and only opening a present every two days wasn't going to work...).

This is yesterday, when we opened the first present, (chocolate, since it was Saturday). I know it looks a bit empty, all the presents should actually be on there already from the beginning - but I am waiting for a big package with supplies from Sweden! (I don't think the kids are thinking about it, so it will have to pass for this time, hopefully it will arrive soon.)

We are also watching the SVT Julkalender (=Swedish Television yule calendar) on the Internet. It is a televised Christmas-story with one episode every day until Christmas. A tradition that has existed for many, many years in Sweden - with different stories every year. This years it's called En riktig jul (=A real Christmas) and it seems really promising. It caught both kids' interest and they are already looking forward to the next episode.

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Cissi said...

Visst är det mysigt!? jag köpte julkalendern till julian när jag var hemma en sväng så nu tittar vi på den varje dag och öppnar en lucka ;)