Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Lucas new best friend

The Danes moved into Rimba last week, and that has proven to be a great success, especially for the boys. They play so nicely with eachother, they are both quite silly and they really enjoy eachothers company.
Lucas jumps on his bike and off he goes, to see Malte. They play every day, especially now when it's school holiday. Their favourite game is to be outside and "go chasing for tigers".

Malte will start school as well after the holidays, and hopefully he will get a space in Lucas class. He has said, he "only wants to go to Lucas school". :)

Here they are, having dinner at Maltes place last night:

Being silly around their Christmas tree:

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NETTAN said...

William and his friend chases ghosts instead of tigers... but it seems to be a popular activity among 4-year olds to chase imaginary stuff (I hope you actually don't have real tigers in your backyard...!?).