Monday, 10 December 2007

EFIT - Monday 10.12.2007

07.15 Good Morning. Trying to buy some time to snooze on the sofa by turning the tv on to 'Bob the Builder'. It worked for a bit...

08.10 Arriving at the Country Club, for my morning exercise = an hour in the gym.

09.35 Workout over, hitting the changing room, time for a shower.

10.30 We went to see (yet another) house today. If we would take it, these guys would be our neighbors! (Don't think we will...)

11.40 A little bit of silliness after lunch.

12.30 Coming home with the shopping for the day, a bag full of goodies (actually, a baby present for a newborn little girl, and two calendar gifts for the kids - yes, I'm still putting them on, but I'm done now!) from HuaHo.

13.50 The Christmas tree came out of it's box yesterday and is now standing here pretty in the corner. So I thought I better take out some of my other decorations too - like this Tomte (=Santa), and his julbock (="Christmas he-goat") that I have had for as long as I can remember...

14.45 Writing a few Christmas cards, to the people we know here in Brunei.

17.15 At my hairdressers. Had an appointment for some foils, a cut, and to get my eyebrows fixed. It was lovely! Here is my entertainment, a pile of gossip!

19.20 Coming back from the hairdresser, this is what I see entering our house! When the night has fallen, you can really get the Christmas spirit here too!

20.40 All the gates of heaven are open, a massive thunderstorm has planted itself right above our house. The lightning is impressive, the noise is deafening and the rain is heavier than anything I have ever seen before!! I have raided the kids toys for batteries to put in the flashlights so I am ready if the power goes. Good night!

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Mia said...

I love EFIT! I think I am going to have a go tomorrow, not that it's an official EFIT day, but I can have my own little trial version.

My goodness how much rain!