Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Yum, yum!

Check this out:

Yes - it is a kanelbulle (=Swedish cinnamon bun)!!!

I went to a coffee morning yesterday at my friend Annas house, and one of her guests had baked Swedish buns... yuuum! (The hostess brownies weren't bad either, but I have a serious weakness for bullar!)
The lady who had made them, is actually German, but married to a Swede and speaks fluent swedish - so she is a bit of an honorary Swede!

The buns were hot from the oven, and definetly scored full points, superyum! Totally made my day!


Famiglia Teti said...

Mmm... ser jättegod ut!

Larssons said...

Yummy och vad kul att träffat någon men sverigeanknytning.