Thursday, 27 December 2007

Hoppe-lej Mammis!

Linnea talks and talks and talks, and she is so funny to listen to at the moment. She learned to skip quite a while ago, and that was the big thing for a while - she skipped everywhere, even just out into the kitchen or the three steps from the table to the sofa.
Now the skipping has got it's own soundtrack, every time she skips she says "Hoppe-lej, hoppe-lej!". Today I asked her who says that, and the answer was (of course...) Pippi Långstrump (=Pippi Longstocking). Should have figured that one out - the Pippi-song actually goes "Tjola-hopp, tjola-hej, tjola-hoppsan-sa"... but hoppe-lej is close enough!

She also calls us Pappas/Daddys and Mammis.
I think (my own little theory), that it's because she is touching everything all the time, and every time I will tell her "nej, det är Pappas" (=no, that's Daddy's) or Nathan will say "no, that's Mummy's".
So, she calls us Pappas and Mammis (which it becomes with the Swedified pronunciation of it) because that is all she hears - and it's actually quite cute!

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