Saturday, 15 December 2007

Singapore December 2007

Yes, we did get on the evening flight, luckily. Had to travel Economy but what do you do? ;)
To be quite honest, two days was just fine for us to do what we wanted to do. We didn't do the Zoo as we had planned, because we were short of time; but just concentrated on some Christmas powershopping instead! (I am sure we will be back very soon to do the Zoo, Sentosa Island etc.)

It is not so big, so it is easy to get your bearings and find your way around. We did take a bus tour too as well as buying a good guide book, to try and see as much as possible and get to know the place.
Singapore is really fascinating with lots of sky scrapers and intriguing buildnings. We mostly cruised up and down Orchard Road, and all the malls and shops. This time of year though - this area is really beautiful! All the shops had made huge efforts with their decorations, there was Christmas music playing from everywhere and there was a big light-up all along Orchard Road. This is one of the tallest Christmas trees along there:

Singapore really IS shopping heaven! Especially if you come from Brunei where we don't have much.
Here are the boys in a funny escalator:

It is kind of weird, that there is so much "civilisation", just a short plane ride away from Brunei (about 1h40). ALL the big brands and chains are represented in Singapore and, most importantly - you can get a drink wherever and whenever you want!
Here I am, with a super yummy Strawberry Margaruita before dinner. Lucas took the picture:

Nathan got to have a look at a bike shop, and at lots of different "toys" at the SimLim square (where you buy technical things). He got me a new zoom lens and some other bits for my Canon, jippie, can't wait to try it all out!
Lucas and Linnea got some new little toys from Toys R'Us, and I got to visit a scrapbook shop I had got recommended, and found quite a lot of goodies.
It was great to have a big choice of shops, stores and malls - even if we didn't have the energy to visit them all this time.

We took a free Christmas Light-up Tour on an open-top bus Thursday evening, at it was absolutely magical to see all the lights and decorations.

Friday we went out to IKEA on the way to the airport, and that itself was quite a surreal experience. Kind of like being "at home", but not really. Even though it's IKEA, it has some local flair to it. Like a prayer room, a pump with chili sauce next to the ketchup one and rice and noodles on the menu.

Of course we had dinner there, köttbullar (meatballs), what else? And both the kids went to play in Småland (the playroom at IKEA) but Linnea had enough quite quickly, since they were the only white kids there, and she got followed around by all the other kids who wanted to touch her and play with her...
I got some bits and pieces and most importantly - I got a Pepparkakshus (=gingerbread house, to be constructed), pepparkakor, Swedish candy and glögg (=glühwine). Lucky day!

Here we are at the airport, on our way home. Lucas calls these kind of outfits "airplane clothes" and finds it so funny that he and Daddy dresses the same!

Singapore really was great, and I am already looking forward to going back, soon!

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Mia said...

Sounds amazing to be able to go to Singapore, just like that! :)

And I haven't even been to our high street yet.. *seriously, not since September!* and not at all for shopping.

Today we are buying a tree and starting the serious decorating phase.

Nice to have you "back".