Tuesday, 11 December 2007

River Cruise

Today we inaugurated the kids new life vests and went on a boat safari down the river, from Bandar and out in the jungle. We went with some friends of ours, and it was a super nice morning.
The purpose was to try and see some of the native fauna, and it was a successful trip! (See below)

Here is the boat that took us around. Whoever will come to visit, I promise you we will go on this little trip! :)

Here is Linnea in front of the Sultans Palace, the Istana Nurul Iman. . It's the largest residential palace in the world, with 1788 rooms and 257 toilets (!). Read more about it here.

Linnea and my friend Anna. Anna's mother is here on a visit, hence the reason they were going on this safari, and we could tag along.

Looking for crocodiles and monitor lizards. We saw a lot of big lizards, but only one smaller crocodile. They were pretty hard to spot, they just melted in to the mud on the shore.

On lookout for the Proboscis Monkeys. There was a big pack of them up in the trees, but it was hard for the kids to spot them, and even harder to capture them with the camera. The rest of us saw them though, they were jumping around a lot, and came pretty close. Cool.

(This is not my picture, but this is how they look like.)

The Water Village. Around 30000 people live here, and they are completely self sufficient. They have a police station, medical clinics, mosques, a gas station (for the boats), a fire station, restaurants, a museum and 15 schools!
It is the biggest water village in the world.

On our way back from the river cruise, back in towards Bandar and to see more of the Water Village.

A group photo on the way up into the water village. They took us to visit their house! It was slightly scary to walk on the wooden walkways, they didn't seem too solid... The house was beautiful though, and you didn't have the feeling of being "on water" at all.
It was really exciting to be welcomed in to their house. Quite an experience!

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