Monday, 24 December 2007


Today is the best day of the year for many little Swedish (Danish, Norweigan etc) kids, who celebrate Christmas on the 24th.
This is the day when Jultomten (=Santa Claus) actually shows up, to give you the presents. Usually late at night, so you have to suffer through the whole day first...

We would like to wish you all, a wonderful Julafton (=Christmas Eve) and hope you all get a happy and peaceful Christmas together with your near and dear ones! Enjoy!

Here are some pictures from last years Julafton:

Julafton 2006, with Santa visiting.

Swedish Christmas party with the little friends, December 2006. Santa came there too.


Lilla Blanka said...

Hej! Vet inte hur jag hamnade på er fina blogg, men det var jättekul att läsa om er :)
Ha en fortsatt bra JUL!

Watson Family said...

lilla blanka - vad roligt att du tittat in! Välkommen tillbaka anytime!