Sunday, 16 December 2007

O tannenbaum!

We put our Christmas tree up before we went to Singapore, but I just realized I hadn't showed it to you yet, so - here it is:

Lucas made so many decorations at Kindy, we couldn't put them all up but let him choose a few favourites. I like the "feel" the homemade decorations give to the tree! Here is the fairy that had to be on the top (well, or near it) of the tree:

And here is a snowman he made:

Now I only hope that I will find a julgransmatta (=tree skirt (?)) at the sales when I come home in January. The tree looks a bit bare without one, especially since I can't put the presents out just yet because of one special little lady who enjoys opening them...

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Dosiss said...

My Emma, who's turning 3, is in admiration of your christmas tree :)Remember, even though you don't have the feeling of christmas your children has. So don't compare with england or sweden. Hug!