Wednesday, 26 December 2007

My UFO Christmas gift

I am part of a chat group on the internet with another Swedish mums living abroad. There are about 50 of us, living in KL, Canada, US, Brazil, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Australia etc etc.
It is an open group, so anyone can participate, but along the years (I have been writing there about 4 1/2 years now) quite a few of us in the hardcore group have met IRL too. Since we chat daily most of us, we know eachother pretty well by now!

This year was the 4th time we did a Secret Santa swap. It goes like this:
We all get another mum to send a present to, we pick out a suitable present (could be something personal or something special from the country you live in) and send it off together with a rhyme, by 1st of December. Then we have to try and guess who sent us the gift, and of course what it is - and also report back to the others by Christmas what you got this year!
So, this is my present for this year, sent to me by one of the mums in England. God knows where she got Swedish and Danish spices from?! First the rhyme:

And here is the full content of the present:
Vaniljsocker, vinsyra, citronsyra, brödkryddor, mald pomerans, Salmiak x 2, hjorthornssalt, kardemummakärnor and two Swedish books!

Thank You very much Maz!

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