Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New 2008!

Here we go - it is now 2008 in our little corner of the world!

(And since I have nothing better to do - I will blog about it, when the new year is just 25 minutes old...)

Nathan is on overnight, so I am on my own.
I have been spending the evening with a Grey's Anatomy marathon and eating chocolate. I did have a countdown going on the computer, and jumped (Danish tradition) into the New Year with streamers around my neck to the sounds of "Happy New Year" by ABBA!
I have now had some champagne, been up to kiss the kids Happy New Year, been outside to try and see the fireworks that I could hear (but it was only booms, nothing to see) and even shed a little tear.

Happy New 2008
all of you who still have it to come!

Edit: Nathan actually came home at 01.30, because he had had to divert back to Brunei due to bad weather in Kuching. They couldn't land there. So I got up again (had just gone to bed) and we a glass of champagne together to celebrate the New Year!

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Kajsa said...

Tycker att du är jättestark och duktig! Det är hprt att vara mol allena i nytt land, även om Nathen är närvarande mer än förut. Stor kram och ett riktigt gott 2008!