Thursday, 31 January 2008

Same procedure as every year

It's quite funny, every time we are visiting Mormor and Morfar we have to do things exactly like we always do them when we are here.
We have to follow the same routines as last time, as every time.

That means for example that the kids always have the same breakfast: HavreFras (=oat crunchies) or leverpastejsmörgås (=sandwich with paté). They also always play with the same toys, they play the same games with Mormor and they always have to have chokladpudding (=chocolate pudding) when it's time for a special treat.

That also has to be prepared the same way, every time which means:
They have to sit on the bench and take turns in helping to measure up the milk and the chocolate powder.

Then they take turns in mixing it. Linnea can hardly wait, check out the tongue!

Linnea doesn't like the noise when Lucas is whipping up the cream:

It's better to do it herself:

And last, the best thing, to get to lick off the cream!

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Anna Malaga said...

Haha, samma sak här. Man ska slicka grädde, baka kanelbullar, köpa lösgodis, spela lusen...
Mysiga bilder frân Norden!