Thursday, 17 January 2008

Latest news from Party Central

As most of you know, we have another birthday coming up in the family this weekend. Not just any birthday either, but the double one!

It will be celebrated in style at the Yacht Club (why change a winning concept?) with 22 of Lucas' closest friends, a 2.5 kg Batman-cake and a bouncy castle.

Although I was sick most of last week, been without an amah (amah drama, long story) for the last two weeks and home alone most of this week - I got it all under control.
To start with, I will take a 1 kg Cars-cake to school tomorrow, so that Lucas gets celebrated a bit there too. Normally at every Tuesday morning Assembly, everybody who has had birthdays during the week gets especially mentioned and gets special stickers. So since Lucas will miss that (we are leaving for Sweden on Monday) I thought it could be nice to bring a cake to school.

I am all organized for the party on Sunday as well. Have already made the 23 party bags, filled them up with candy and balloons. Booked the lunch for the kids at Yacht Club and organized the bouncy castle. Ordered the huge cake, with the Batman picture (on request) on it, it will get picked up Sunday morning. All I need now is some more wrapping paper to wrap up the last birthday presents.

I wonder what I will get?

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Family Fors said...

Jag laste for ett tag sedan om att man tappar kontakt med de dar hemma. Du har valdigt ratt.....jag ville kommentera den gangen men hade da ingen egen blogg sa jag kunde inte skriva som anonym. Nu har jag en blogg ocksa.....

Sag att nagon fran Newport News, Virginia hade varit pa din blogg....nagon du kanner? Jag bor endast 1 timme darifran. Kanner inga svenskar i USA.