Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Tuesday Theme 15 January - Tre

Today's Tuesday Theme is tre (=three).
Looking around me and seeing my daughter in the sofa in front of the morning tv with her little friends, made me take this photo:

This is Linnea's posse. These three guys follow her everywhere. From left to right, it's Pooh, Dockan (=Dolly) and Teddy.

Pooh arrived since Linnea kept stealing Lucas' Pooh-bear all the time. He has a slightly bigger one, in light blue (the old-fashion style) and she took a liking to it, so we had to give her her own.
Dockan joined the group shortly after Linneas 1st birthday. She got a lot bigger doll for her birthday, but she simply couldn't carry it around, so I bought this cheap little one for her to play with, until she grew in to the other one. It turned out to be a strong favourite though. Dockan usually wears a yellow pyjamas, but Linnea likes taking her clothes on and off (mostly off) at the moment, so Dockan is mostly without them.
Teddy was a gift from Griffin's Dad Chris in the UK. Griffin's parents were looking after the kids one day (while Nathan and I were car-booting), and Linnea had spent all day playing with one of his old teds. So when it was time to go home, he said she could keep it! That too, has been a favourite ever since, she loves that teddy!


Randi said...

She is so adorable, lovely shots.

Kaffebönan said...

Åh så gosigt:-) Tre var det här..

Kalli said...

Vilka fina gosiga vänner!


Zanna said...

Riktigt gullig tolkning, vilka sötnosar :)

Cattis said...

Men sötast är hon som håller reda på de tre :-)

Starka Pippi said...

Det är klart att man ska ha minst tre gosse vänner. Härliga bilder.