Sunday, 20 January 2008

Lucas 4 years old

So, this morning we celebrated Lucas at the Yacht Club with a big party. It was a great success, a really nice and hot day - everybody had a lovely time! Mostly Lucas, who was very pleased to see all his friends and get super presents!

Birthday boy:

Linnea in the bouncy castle:


Melissa and Jodie:

Anne and Frederik:

Scarlet and Amelia:



Having lunch:

Opening presents:

Lucas, Gil and Malthe:

Fun in the shower:

The birthday girl:

Cake nr 2, the Batman version:

Blowing out the candles:

The cutting of the cake:

Here is the birthday boy, with all the presents:

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Family Fors said...

Har last en del av dina gamla bloggar. Intressant lasning. Vet inte om jag klarat av att bo i a dry country. Skulle vilja klimatet detsamma som typ Australien och Sydamerika dar man har sommar nar vi har vinter? Eller har Brunei sommar aret runt som typ Florida?

Och jag hittade din blogg fran en lank fran en annan blogg.