Friday, 25 January 2008

Snow photos

Unfortunately, it was plus degrees last night, so this morning all the snow was gone again... Boo-hoo. Lucas was a bit disappointed at first, but got happy again when he realized he still could wear his "snow clothes"!
As promised, here are some pictures from yesterday.

Here are the kids in their "snow clothes":

Linnea isn't at all that convinced that this snow-thing is something fun she looks very suspicious:

But she looks cute in her wolly hat though:

Not very easy to make snowballs:

But they managed somehow:

Lucas loved it, he was all into it:

He was laughing so hard and really enjoying himself:

And here are the kids at the playground, playing shop. Lucas sold pizzas and chokladpudding (=chocolate pudding)! (Note the handbag, needs to come, everywhere...)


Famiglia Teti said...

Hoppas ni får lite mer snö medan ni är i Sverige. Lustigt att läsa om er i Sverige och inte om vad som händer i Brunei!

Hälsningar från Rom!

Mia said...

Hoppas ni far en kul Sverigevistelse, forstar att det maste vara helkonstigt for L att ha vinterklader pa sig. L hatade sin overall i borjan, men nu har hon nog glomt att man kan ga ut utan att se ut som en michelingubbe.

Rozi said...

Wow! That looks so much fun! One day I will have a snowball fight too, and go sleigh riding and snow boarding... It's great to see the children smiling and laughing. And they all looked really cute too with their hats pulled down and only their face is peaking. Have a great time in the snow! How long does winter last over there?

Watson Family said...

Hello rozi - Winter here in Sweden tend to last for a looong time, sometimes all the way in to April.
But, there is rarely any snow though, mostly like this, when it disappears as quick as comes. Typical Swedish winter weather is grey (gets dark early, around 16.00, and light not until 08.00), dark, windy and rainy. Very boring and depressing.
Hence, I don't live here anymore!