Thursday, 24 January 2008

Snow clothes

It is very cold where we are, and there is a tiny amount of snow on the ground here in Sweden at the moment, about enough to go outside and have a snowball war!

Lucas is happily wearing his "snow clothes", which is his "snow boots", his "snow hat", his "snow suit" and his "snow gloves"... He enjoys the fact that he needs to wear TWO tops, a t-shirt and a sweater, and finds it rather funny that it's cold in Sweden.

Linnea on the other hand, totally dislikes to have this much clothes on. She pulls off her socks as soon as she gets a chance, and we fight about the hat all the time... She says "nej jacka" (=no jacket) with a very firm voice, and when she was involved in the snowball war she kept saying to Mormor:
-"Nej Nea (*pointing at Lucas*) - ja Hucas"! (= Not Linnea, throw at Lucas)

Me too, just like Lucas, I do enjoy the cold weather and the snow - and I'm hoping that there will be loads more of it, enough to go playing properly in it. But, I'm also very happy that we don't live in this weather all the time...

(There will be pictures tomorrow)

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DehliBrunei said...

Hi Boel and kids
So glad you made it. Well done to you and the kids. We did talk about you. Sounds lovely with snow. And funny Linnea doesn't like wearing socks. Malthe is asking about Lucas every day, and Daniel is looking for Linnea's car. Have a good time. We already miss you.
Best regards from the Danes