Thursday, 31 January 2008

Cone therapy

We went out in the forest again this morning, to give poor Lucas some cone therapy. We brought along a picnic and went on search for a good spot. Lucas managed to make friends with the scary cones, and we had hot chocolate, bisquits and buns on a blanket in the forest.
The kids got to run off some steam, they thought it was pretty great in the end! Here are some pics:


Mia said...

Vad mysigt det ser ut med skogspromenad och fika. Far svart Sverige begar nu. (L fick panik nar hon hoppade i lov tidigar i host, hon sag en "fluga"..)

Famiglia Teti said...

Det var en kul historia och kotteterapi var något nytt!
Kram :)

Dosiss said...