Monday, 28 January 2008

Scary things

Today we had some friends to come and play, which was really, really nice!
It was my old classmate Karin and her two little ones, Olivia and Valter.

They came around lunchtime, and we had yummy lunch and played for a bit - and then we took the kids outside to go for a little walk in the forest, in the lovely sunshine we had today!


Linnea and Valter:

Watsons: (Not very cooperative models)

Olanders (Karin, Valter and Olivia):

It was quite nice outside, and everything went nicely, until we entered the spruce forest, and Lucas totally freaked - because he got scared of... the spruce cones on the ground!
We had to cut the walk short, and I had to carry him back out onto the road. He was completely beside himself, and thought they were about the scariest things he had ever seen...

For sure, we were never really the most outdoorsy people in the UK either, and now, being a jungle child, even the most normal things can scare you if you are not used to them..! I guess I will have to take the poor child on some more exotic excursions into "the wild", to introduce him to the Swedish flora and fauna!

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