Thursday, 24 January 2008

27 1/2 hours

We made it! We are now in (very) cold Sweden, with Mormor and Morfar. It was close at times, but we made it, and the suitcases too!

The whole trip started with a bit of a delay out of Brunei, because some trouble with the aircraft's A/C system. We waited and waited, and it was super hot on board, and finally we got away, quite late. Not only were we then delayed, but the flight time was a whopping 8 h 20 min... So, arriving Dubai, they hurried us through transit and straight back again, and I hoped they were going to catch up on some of the lost time, but no. Another problem of some sort, plus congestion at the airport, still kept us delayed, and the flight time again was long, 7 h 55 min.
I was sitting in my chair calculating and calculating, and there was no chance we were going to make our connecting flight... Until I realized that I had been counting the hours wrong, that the UK is actually after Sweden, not before, and we were not going to land at 09.55 but 07.55 - quite a difference. Our next flight were at 09.25, and since we had checked our luggage all the way through from Brunei, we had a fair chance.
I told Lucas that now he had to listen carefully to Mummy, and we had to run for a bit - and he was so good. We sprinted through the airport, and made it to the Flight Connections Center with about 20 minutes to spare! Pheuw.

The trip as such, was easy peasy.
I keep being amazed, at how good our kids can be when need be (because other times I see none of that...). The were good as gold, all the way. Of course, it helps travelling in BC, with more room, and not so many other passengers, but still, they are good at sitting still for long hours, and amusing themselves with movies, games and small little things.
I always get the look of "oh, no, not small kids!" from the other passengers when we board - and I always get the "Oaw, your children have been really well behaved!" when we get off, often said with amazement in their voices. Makes me proud.

Both of them slept most of the first sector (it was night time for us), had some to eat, were good in Dubai, slept a little bit more on the second sector, then ate again and played for the rest of the way. The hardest bit was actually the last little tiny flight over from London, where they both had had enough, and at the same time were overly excited that we were almost there.
And now we are here!

We all went to bed at 17.30 last night (00.30 our time) and have slept until 05.00 this morning. Not too bad. I hope we get over the jetlag fairly quickly, jetlag is no fun.

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Lillie dAmour said...

Vad du är duktig vännen, och barnen ocksâ.
Ha det sâ kul hemma.