Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Kindy schedule 14 - 18 January (Better late than never)

Term 2 week 2
Numbers - Focus activities:

Letter of the week: Nn
Number walk - looking for numbers in our local environment
Songs: 10 green bottles/10 in the bed/5 little monkeys
Matching, spray painting and counting numbers
Number stories, songs and rhymes
Developing our car role play area - car wash, petrol station & garage

We welcome a new boy, Malthe, to our class
Music with Mr Instone


8 am assembly with Mrs Harris - Things that scare me
ICT – Interactive whiteboard activities
PE with Mrs Carter


Cooking - making number shaped bisquits
Number game playing with parent helpers


Library with Mrs Mann

Pirate Play
Fresh Fruit Friday - please bring a piece of fruit, we are making fruit milkshakes

(Next week they are planning to go on an exciting excursion, to the Jerudong Petrol Station (!) - what a shame that Lucas is going to miss that, he would have loved it...)

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Anna said...

så era barn lär sig mandarin? hur går det?