Sunday, 6 January 2008

Today I was an idiot

We have had such a lovely day today!
It was our little friend Daniel's 2nd birthday, and it got celebrated in style at the Yacht Club. We all had a fab time; the kids played on the climbing frame and on the beach, we had a big swim, good dinner and yummy Cars-cake. Everybody were happy.

When we were going home, we had some of the Dehli family in our car, since they have visitors and couldn't fit all of them in their car.
Frederik starts backing out in the parking lot, and oversees a car (that was very stupidly parked) and backs in to it!
I giggle a bit at him, and while doing that I back our car into another car (who was also stupidly parked by the way!) and give our car a couple of big scratches and a dent at the back...


It was bound to happen sooner or later, knowing my track record - but such a stupid ending of a lovely day. I got a big bollocking from Nathan and he made me write this post, "cause it's all part of our life, right?!".
Yeah, yeah. Today I was an idiot.

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Dosiss said...

Hmm, I need to say that in a hundred years it'll be forgotten. You do have an insurance? For me it's not a big deal since I live in france and almost all cars have a scratch on them ;.