Wednesday, 30 January 2008

"While the cat is away..." Part 2

Yes, didn't I just mention that things tend to appear in our house, while I'm away in Sweden? That is for example how we got our first big flatscreen, it was just there when the kids and I got back from a summer trip. Like I wouldn't notice? :)

This time though, there is no surprises, because I knew he would go ahead with all his ideas while we were gone. Again, this is something he has been going on about for a while.
Check out the latest "toy":

Apparently, we now own a speedboat! Together with another Kiwi-family, the Turners, this little gem is ours!
It needs a new engine and some decorative work, but then it's going to be lovely for our lazy days, and for taking our visitors on great excursions! It's 23ft, so it takes along two families with ease; and - you can ski behind it of course!

It's still almost two weeks until I'm back home, I wonder what else will turn up before that?


swedish chekchouka said...

woooow! you should go to sweden more often, next time you'll find a ferrari in the garage!!

Watson Family said...

Hihi, yes you are right - that's one way of looking at it!

Lillie dAmour said...

Där ser du att han är romantiskt, asg.

Dosiss said...

Beautiful! Il love the coulours too. Me liiiike ;)

Anna said...

Boys and their toys. Visst är det lustigt att de här sakerna dyker upp när du inte är där :) anna uk