Monday, 21 January 2008

We are off! (Hopefully!)

The kids and I are off to Sweden tonight, for a couple of weeks. (That is, if we get on, we are only on stand by - but there should be place for us.) We are leaving for London on RBA tonight, will land there Tuesday morning (local time) and then only have a couple of hours to make the connecting flight to Göteborg. It is sure going to be an interesting trip this one!

I will be on my email as usual, and I plan to be blogging as normal as well. If you want to reach me in Sweden, please email me for contact numbers.
So long!

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Family Fors said...

Vilken tur du har som far aka till Sverige!!!! Lucky Lucky Lucky!! Have fun in the best city Sweden can offer - Gothenburg. (unless you are just flying in there an driving somewhere else)