Monday, 4 February 2008

EFIT - Friday 01.02.2008

09.15 I had forgot it was an EFIT-day, so my first picture is of Mormor and Linnea waving goodbye as I leave for the train, to go to Copenhagen for a weekend with my girlfriends:

10.15 Picking up my new passport at the Police Station, on the way to the train. It had broken in the binding, so I got a new one, free of charge:

11.15 On the train, listening to my favourite Swedish comedy radioshow På Minuten on my iPod, and eating chocolate:

Changing trains at Nässjö, on to the X2000 speedtrain:

Having met up with Erika, we feast on semlor (see here) and coffee, yum! (It's Bert-semlor, very tasty actually. Created by our local Skara-celebrity Bert Karlsson.)

Forgot to take a photo around 14, but here is the view from Öresundsbron (between Sweden and Denmark), if you look closely you can see the wind-powerstations in the far:

16.20 Leaving Copenhagen airport with the Metro. It's amazingly easy to get around CPH nowadays thanks to the metro. This last bit out to the airport was the last bit to get opened quite recently:

Erika forgot her backpack on the train we came with from Sweden. A very nice DSB-worker helped us locate it again, it had to go with the train to Helsingör and back - and here we have just recuperated it and are on our way to leave Hovedbanegården (=main train station CPH):

19.00 Dinner is served, sushi, mmm! Favourite meal with favourite girls!

Trying to make the little ones fall asleep with some Shrek - no luck..:

And then the night went on, with this, until very, very late. The end.

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