Monday, 18 February 2008

Taxfree shopping

On Friday we had to go out and in of the country (because of our visas/work permits, long story) the whole family, so we took a drive to the border at Kuala Lurah = did a border run.
I have been writing about this special experience before here; but I just wanted to add a couple of photos especially for those of you who think the border shopping here is like the nice, airconditioned taxfree shops in Germany off the ferries f.e - because it's not...

Here it is, Linggis - the bar/shop where you order your alcohol out of a little "menu"; and while you wait for it, can have a bite to eat. (We had chicken wings, yum, yum!) If you come in the evening, you often stay and have a few beers as well and make a night out of it!

And here we are, waiting for our both our food- and alcohol order:

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