Sunday, 17 February 2008

EFIT - Sunday 17.02.2008

07.20 Time to get up to a new EFIT day! (This globe-calendar has been with me for as long as I can remember, one of my most treasured possessions.)

08.40 Checking up on my friends around the world, together with breakfast.

09.40 Got an email from a friend in Greece, telling me wonderful news about the birth of her daughter - I got inspired to do some scrapping, of some photos from our holiday in Lefkas 2006. Here is the beginning of the creative process...

10.55 ... and here is the finished result:

11.45 Lunchtime: bacon and omelet. Yum!

12.30 Packing the car to go swimming. Had been looking forward to a dip since we got back from Sweden. (Then it turned out to be so cold, I didn't swim anyway!)

13.20 Went to a friends house for coffee on the way to the Yacht Club. Had coffee, a chat and swopped some magazines. Here is what I got:

14.30 Arrived at the Yacht Club. Lucas is getting really confident, jumps into the water without hesitation and even swims a short bit.

15.40 Still swimming, playing with the ball.

16.30 While waiting for dinner, down at the beach, the sun is on it's way down.

17.45 Stopped at one of the big shops on the way home, to buy a radio to put in the amah's room. A nice thing to do, so she gets some "life" in her room.

18.50 Ended the day with some DIY, attaching the new shelf to the wall, in case the kids would try and climb on it.


Mia said...

Ser ut som du haft en riktigt bra dag. Jag lovade B i morse efter 2 timmars EFIT-ande att skjuta pa det tills i morgon, sa han far ta del av var dag da han e ivag. I har ju lov ocksa, sa det blir ju lite som en sondag. Fast utan pappa da.

Nathan said...

And she almost makes it seem like she cooked lunch!! We know the truth.