Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The kids' weekend

I'm not the only one who's had a great weekend actually. The kids were in heaven when it started snowing on Friday, and continued on Saturday! Jippie!

They were out with the sledge in the garden one of the days, and went to a big hill the next. They went pretty quickly downhill, and although Lucas thought it was "scary", he wanted to keep going and keep going!
Also they built a huge snowman, who was still here and got proudly showed off when I got back!
Here are a few pics from their weekend:

Reading the toyshop catalogues. They can spent hours doing this, over and over again:

Linnea has a thing with too much clothes. After changing her diaper here, it's almost impossible to get her trousers back on! She refuses trousers totally and I have to wrestle her to get them back on (because otherwise she would be too cold). But sometimes, I just don't win:

"Lilla snigel akta dig..." (=Swedish nursery rhyme about a snail that needs to watch out.)

Cool kid:

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Cissi said...

så söta de är! jag känner igen det där med leksakskataloger och inte vilja ha byxor på sig. båda mina barn går helst byxlösa ;)