Wednesday, 6 February 2008


One of my missions in Denmark (apart from doing some heavy shopping!), was to visit Lucas' Godfather, to collect the latest delivery of Lego. I was lucky I had the girls with me, to help me carry, because there was an immense amount of boxes...

I was also lucky on the way home on the train, that I only had to change once, and both trains were then on the same platform, pheuw.
Now I just need to fit it in the suitcases, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem, since I came here with almost empty cases - and once you take it out of the cardboard boxes, it doesn't take up that much space.

But first, we had to unpack the train-sets, and build a huge train track. It took Mormor, Morfar and me almost three hours the other day to make it all up - and I'm actually not quite sure who is having the most fun with it, Lucas or Mormor and Morfar...

Happy boy:

Even Linnea was allowed to drive one of the trains, and she did pretty well considering it goes both backwards and forwards, in seven different speeds!


Larssons said...

Jösses så mycket Lego! Min F hade svimmat av glädje om han ahde fått så mycket på en gång.
Det är väldigt roligt att bygga ihop tycker jag, sen överlåter jag gärna själva lekandet åt andra

Cissi said...

ojoj! Julian hade blivit tossig om han fått så mycket lego på en gång ;)
Ser ju otroligt roligt ut!