Sunday, 24 February 2008

Another birthday party

Today the kids were invited to yet another birthday party, they come close this time of year! It was arranged at the Yacht Club, and the fact that it was raining didn't stop everybody from having a good time or the kids from swimming and playing in the pool.

Mind you, it was a little bit cold I think...

The birthday boy had requested a football cake, and one of their friends had made it for him - it was looking absolutely fantastic! Almost too nice to eat! (But it tasted good too I can report!)

Since it was a half-Swedish little birthday boy, there was a Fiskdamm (=fish pond) where the kids could go fishing for their party bags. Lucas though, got a shoe at first (to his great amusement!) before he got a bag on the hook.

Linnea was very concentrated on her task too.


Dina said...

Kul med barnkalas, och 40-årskalaset! Vilket dunderparty det verkar ha varit, och vad snygg du såg ut i klänningen, och med håret!!

Vi har också kört fiskedamm här på ett kalas, det var väldigt uppskattat.

En häxa på vift said...

Fish-pond.... is that a typical Swedish thing? Thought it was spread over the world.... hmm... that was actually a very good idea, I remember how much fun I thought it was as a kid. Will do that the next b-day-party over here.
Looks like the birthday-party went well and you all had fun. :)
And you look absolutely stunning in that dress from THE party, (I saw that post the other day) :)
Greetings from Germany
//Nettan aka Paxelle