Saturday, 23 February 2008

THE party

So, yesterday we went to THE party! The party that people have been looking forward to for weeks. It was my friend Anna, and two other guys, who had gone together to celebrate their 40th birthdays - and invited about 100 people to a huge cocktail bash.
I wore a stunning dress my friend Linda once gave me, and some new glam earrings. I had made an effort to put my hair up in a do (took a can of hairspray and serious amounts of patience...) and I felt really pretty!
Me and the birthday girl:

The party was held at the Empire Hotel & Country Club's Marine Center. They had chosen an absolutely gorgeous setting. The venue had been decorated beautifully with loads of white, flowy material, fresh flowers and lit candles everywhere.
While sipping on some Pimm's upon arriving we got to admire the sunset over the South China sea - fabulous!

There was a lot of mingling going on, "everybody" was there. They had a guy entertaining with some soft jazz and chilled out music while the buffet was on; and after we had had some yummy cake, the DJ got people dancing all through the night.

The theme for the night was "cool and colonial", and while the ladies were mostly sporting lush dresses, almost all the guys were wearing nice linen outfits and all looked very cool.
Even Nathan made it very late in the evening after returning from Hong Kong. This is Andrew, John and Nathan:


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You are very pretty! Nice work on the hair. I can see your new regime is giving result. You go girl!