Friday, 22 February 2008

Independence Day

Tomorrow Brunei is celebrating it's 24th National Day, in commemoration of their independence, won 1st of January 1984. (Before that they were a British protectorate.)

I've been trying without any luck so far, to find information about what is going to happen tomorrow. Usually schoolchildren and private sector representatives work together with flash card displays and other colourful crowd formations, and there is supposed to be a big parade and celebrations all over Bandar (the capital). It would be nice to go and see it all so I will try and find out more today.

All of Brunei have been decorated for the occasion though. Almost every lamppost has been equipped with a flag, and nearly every car is driving around with flags as well. (Just like they did in they UK for the big sports events!) It looks rather festive!

Lucas is off school on Monday, in lieu of tomorrow - so we are looking forward to a long weekend!

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Dosiss said...

Well, don't u dare go out without your camera tomorrow. I want to see this.