Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Watson Travel Agency

I feel like a proper travel agency. The last days I have been busy piecing together all the trips we will be making during our summer vacation, booking all the tickets and hotels etc. Quite a task!

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I've now booked the SAS tickets from London (we only have a weekend in Horsham, which is already nicely booked up) to Copenhagen (for people in DK, we arrive on the 21st, leave on the 25th and are only booked up on the 23rd - get on to it!).
Nathan has made sure we get a lift to Jylland (Thomas are you sure your car can fit the four of us, our three suitcases and our buggy..?) and I have booked the train tickets back - needed to been done separately from Kolding to Kastrup, and then from Kastrup to Falköping. A very long trip.
Then it's Nathan's flight back to London, and hotel in London before he gets on the flight back to here - and our flight to London, and hotel... *Pheuw*.

It's hard being an expat, so much to do and so many people to see! (I wish some would come and see us here, too...)

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cecilia said...

Hello - have no idea why it's taken m e so long to "find you" - I have linked to your blog if that's OK.

Am dealing with similar travel/dis/stress ourselves, covering god knows how many airmiles to see all and sundry in sweden and england this summer. A holiday after the holiday would be nice!
Take care