Friday, 6 June 2008


As much as I this time of year miss the long, light evenings back home in Scandinavia - in another way it's actually really helpful not to have those here.

Since Brunei is situated so close to the equator, we have sunrise and sunset at almost the same time every day throughout the year. It only differs about 40 minutes at the most. The sun will rise somewhere between 06-06.30 every day, and set between 18-18.30.

This makes bedtime really easy. No more discussions about not going to bed "because it's not nighttime yet". No more "I want to stay up until it's dark". No more confused kids when the clock changes from winter time to summer time or back.
Just bedtime.

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Dogeared said...

I never thought about that advantage! (not having kids, it wouldn't spring to mind). I'd like having some light time when I get home, and as I get the bus now, I only get home about 6:30pm. So if it went dark about 7:30pm, that's be just super. I couldn't run year round now, as for most of the year it's too dark by the time I get home (and I live in an unbelievably badly lit village - most of my run would be in the pitch black!).

I learn a lot from reading your Blog, and the proximity to the equator meaning near-static sunrise/sunset times was something I'd never stopped to think about!