Sunday, 22 June 2008

Blue + yellow = green?

Yes, yes, I know all about how it really works - but sometimes it amazes me anyway that two kids, that come from the same two parents, turn out so different. You would sort of think that the mix of me and Nathan would produce the same kid over and over - and yet, we have two totally different animals in our house.

At the moment, the difference is noticeable above all in one thing: the independence. Lucas "can't do it" (that is anything - getting undressed, getting dressed, getting into the bath, getting out of the bath etc etc..) mostly because he is lazy and if someone else can do it for you, that's better!
Linnea is the complete opposite. You are hardly allowed to help her do anything at all. You just utter the words "let's get dressed" and she will zoom off to pick out her clothes and get dressed all by herself, she goes to the toilet all by herself (which spurs a lot of discussions daily about who better does the wiping...), climbs in and out of the car by herself etc etc.

Lucas whines and whinges and often wakes up in a foul mood that takes a long time to shake in the morning.
Linnea is all go from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning.

Lucas is the sensitive one, the soft one.
Linnea is the tough one that can handle anything.

It's really intriguing, I love observing all these little differences.

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Cissi said...

Vad kul att läsa! Det är precis likadant här!! Trodde Julian fått någon knäpp som helt plötsligt inte kan något själv men det hör kanske till åldern ;)