Sunday, 8 June 2008

First cinema visit

This afternoon we took the kids to the cinema for the first time here in Brunei. For Linnea it was actually the first time ever, and for Lucas only the second time (he saw "Cars" in the UK about two years ago), so it was quite exciting.

We usually get the movies we want on DVD, as they are really quick with coming out with good copies here; but of course it's a different thing to have the whole cinema-experience with popcorn and all! (It didn't break the bank either, as it does back home. Four tickets were only $24 in total.)

We went to see "Kung Fu Panda", which was really funny, the whole family enjoyed it. Linnea was eating her popcorn and giggling away, and Lucas was doing a running commentary of every scene, really fascinated.

The only thing with the cinema here is that it's really, really cold because they crank the air conditioning up on full blast. We had heard that, so we were wearing cardigans and fleeces. I just wish I would have brought socks as well, and a blanket - as some wise people did!

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Dogeared said...

I saw the trailer for "Kung Fu Panda" before the new Indiana Jones film, and it looked good - possibly one I'd see more on DVD though (but that's mostly because a cinema trip for me means either 1) leaving work very early, so I can still get the last bus home at 6:50pm, 2) making a special trip in at the weekend (and then needing half a day to travel in, see it, and travel out), or 3) seeing it when visiting friends.

Which probably explains why I only go to the cinema about once a year at the moment! Did you see the trailer for "Wall-E"? With the little robot dude from Pixar? So unbelievably cute, and funny :D

At least you'll know about the blanket thing for next time - it'd be like camping out!