Sunday, 29 June 2008

Kindy Schedule - Last week!

Yes, next week is last week of not only this term, but this whole school year. Lucas' last week as a Kindy-kid. Next year he is moving up to "proper" school, to Reception - already a big boy!

This last week is all about moving up, and reflecting on the past year.
On Monday afternoon, they have the big Celebration Evening, where they all will be performing and us parents are invited. We are going back to school at 16.00 to watch their show - it's going to be fab!

Tuesday they will be meeting their new teachers, at least 1/3 of the kids. Lucas' teacher for next year is new to the school and wont be arriving until just before school starts, so unfortunately he wont get the opportunity just yet to meet her.

Friday it's Party Day, and the kids can come to school in their favourite party clothes or dress up clothes! All the parents will be providing party food, and they will finish slightly early.
Another year has passed... gosh, how time flies!

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