Wednesday, 25 June 2008

JIS House Extravaganza Day

This morning we were invited down to the big field at school, to support the children during the JIS House Extravaganza.
All the kids in school are divided into different houses: blue, green, yellow and red - Lucas is in the yellow house - and today they had an "Extravaganza Day".

It wasn't really a competition, but the Kindy kids were teamed up with kids from other classes and yeargroups - and went around a little course with different stations where they had to perform simple tasks.
They did an obstacle course, smashed bubbles, transported water to fill up a bucket, rode a trike, had a moon-hopper-dress-up and carried trays with ice.

It was a really hot morning, but all the kids were thorougly covered in sun screen and had their hats on. They also got reminded every 5 minutes to have a drink. After about an hour, they were done and went back to their classrooms for a bit of a chill, and ice lollies!

Here is a little slide show of this morning:

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