Friday, 6 June 2008

Den blomstertid nu kommer

Today is also the day this year in Sweden, when school is out. Every year I get a bit sad on this day, and even more now when I actually have a school kid of my own.

I always loved this day as a kid (who didn't?) and it was always so special and lovely. You were dressed up in new clothes, the sky was always blue, there was a smell of lilac everywhere and the sun was always shining. You went to church with all your friends and had a summer concert - and you sang "Den blomstertid nu kommer", the most beautiful summer song ever. You all were happy and excited and then, then it was summer, and all those summers were always endless back then...

(Picture from Hällekis Kuriren)

My kids will never sing "Den blomstertid nu kommer" when they finish school. My heart gets a bit sad about that, cause the memories I have of the days my summer holidays started are really some of the best ones from my childhood - and I would have liked my kids to have those too.
We listened to "Absolute Summer" in the car today, and heard a version of "Den blomstertid..." with Stockholms Kammarkör which was very nice. The kids were all quiet and just took it in, and afterwards Lucas said:
- "I liked that music Mummy, it was *sigh* beautiful".

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Anna said...

det är nästan så man gråter när man ser den totala idyllen på bilden. vi får annat istället. anna uk