Sunday, 22 June 2008

Kindy Schedule 23-27 June

Term 3 Week 12 – Pets

Next week they will continue to talk about pets at school. They will be visiting the fish in the fellow Kindy class, Panda; and also be designing different fish and talking about floating and sinking etc.

On Wednesday they have a House Extravaganza for two hours in the morning. The kids are supposed to wear house colour t-shirts and there will be lots of fun house activities participate in. Us parents are welcome to come along and enjoy it too so hopefully we will both be able to take part in that.

Friday they are having a run through for the End-of-School-year-Celebration-Afternoon that is on the last week. I am very curious about what they are going to entertain us with then!
We will also get to know on Friday which classes our kindy kids are going up into next year. There will be 3 Reception classes (with only 11-12 kids in each!), and we are all eager to know which teacher will teach which class.

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