Saturday, 7 June 2008


There are some advantages with living in an Executive Housing, as we do at the moment. For example it is very safe, they fix things quickly if something break, there is hardly no traffic and - they fog once a week.

It's no secret that there are a few insects that gives us trouble here in Brunei. The mosquitos for example, it's part of the daily routine to use some sort of mosquito repellant; and then the disgusting cockroaches.
Here in the compound, they do fog once a week, and that helps. We have hardly no mosquitos here at all (the cockroaches seem slightly more resistant unfortunately, but they get taken care of with spray!) which is nice if the kids play outside.

I don't want to think about though, what kind of poison they use... It's probably some substance that is more than likely totally forbidden back home. It gets all grey and milky outside while they fog, it stinks and you are supposed to keep inside for at least an hour afterwards.

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Dogeared said...

Oh I hated the mosquitoes in Italy with a fiery passion. Each morning I'd wake up with at least 5 new bites - I looked like really bad chicken pox! I couldn't plug in one of those electrical bug zappers as my bed was in front of the only real plug socket in the room (and it was impossible to move the furniture around really), and if I kept the window shut I roasted (even lying without any clothes or blankets on).

I think I read that mosquitoes don't like garlic - they can smell it oozing from you, so avoid you. But I found that out AFTER [doh].

But cockroaches? [shudder]. I think we had one in the flat in Italy and it freaked me out (England's not exactly 'roach central!). I squealed, flung a shoe at it from far away, and then squirted bleach all over it when the shoe missed. I'm not a squealy girly-girl usually, but bugs do that to me! I'm sure you're much better at dealing with any you find, though!