Saturday, 21 June 2008

Team SWE/Midsummer/GoodBye - dinner

Yesterday the 'Team Sweden' went out for a little dinner. We had brought our own table decorations:

We had many reasons to have a nice night out.
Firstly, it was Midsummer, so what better way of celebrating it than with the fellow Swedes? Secondly, it was about time - we have hardly had time to catch up at all since our trip up the mountain. Everybody is really busy now the last weeks of the school year.
Last but not least, it was also a kind of Goodbye-dinner to Maria & Andy, who are leaving Brunei in a week's time (boo-hoo) to go for a posting in Germany.

It feels really sad, but that's Brunei for you. Most people do come here on limited contracts and they know already when they get here, when they will be leaving again. It's a big turn-around in the expat society, which is good and bad. Good, because it's always nice with fresh blood, bad when someone you actually care about and get along well with is leaving.

Maria opening her goodbye-presents: a painting from Brunei, a CD with Mika and a scrapped album with our adventures on Mt KK.

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