Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Crop

I have had an absolute blast this afternoon!!

I have been to my first scrap crop, and if I thought I wouldn't be scrapping, I was wrong - I have been doing one layout, one card and an altered file folder!
It was all part of the crop, they held three challenges, time limited and also with different conditions to meet. Even though we all got the same instructions, all our creations came out so different, it was so amazing to see!
I even won one of the challenges! I was one out of three chosen file folder winners, so I got a little prize (a tool case)! Jiha!

Here I am with my winning file folder:

Here are the others:

Jessie and Jazz, two of the members of the S*I*C Creative Crew:

It was so great to be a part of this first big crop here in Brunei, everybody were so talented and I got a lot of new inspiration! They had arranged it really well, we had some lovely nibbles and coffee, and also got goodie bags when we arrived - it was great!
Here is my table, with my friend Adeline just on the left:

The jury looking at the layouts:

All the cards that were made, we had to use at least one punch doing them:

A group photo:

(Photo c0urtesy of

I was the only ex-pat there, and I had such a nice time making new friends! I'm already looking forward to the next crop!


Vivs said...

Hi Boel! I found you. Vivi here btw. Happy to know you are having fun! Perhaps we meet again next time! Take care :)

Scrapper-holic said...

Hee you are so fast at updating! Great photos. I didnt even notice you taking so many photos.

JazzScraps said...

OMG!! You've already updated on the crop!! Fab pics!!! But gosh I'm in one of them!! *hide face*

It's absolutely great to know that you had a blast at the crop!! Make sure you come join the next crop again!!

And congrats in your winning too!!

Wati said...

looks like a lot of fun there!!!

dina shariff said...

hiii boel! its really great fun yesterday.Hope to see soon for another scrapping fun :)

{ Yu'er } said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I Guess we all had fun! from Emily

Pandachu said...

It was great meeting u Boel and I must say ur one fast scrapper!!

WatsonBrunei said...

Hi vivs - Nice to have met you, already looking forward to next time!

scrapper-holic - Yes, you know! I'm speedy!

jazzscraps - When is next crop?!? ;)

wati - It sure was!

dina - Great meeting you too! Moving next weekend, then I will be just across the road! Close for scrapping!

yu'er - Yes, I'm sure everybody did! It was great!

pandachu - Well... It's only when I'm under pressure... At home it's a different story.