Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ship Ahoy!

We had a really good hash tonight at Morley Movers.
It was very familiar parts of jungle for me. The first half was the one I've laid right there twice with Anna (we did the one that rained away, and the re-run of the same one six months later); and the other half was part of the Japanese run I did with Nicole and Misuzu two years ago.

I had promised Anna to take on the role of 'Front Horn' tonight, as I'm now a rather firm participant in the group of front runners, but have still only done that once. So I sound the horn, and off we went!
It was pretty easy to find the checks and our way around, until we came to the water reservoir, and spotted the paper far, far over on the other side of the muddy waters...

I have swam over this reservoir once before while doing the rekkie for our Japanese run, and it wasn't very pleasant. It's deep!
Just when we stood there contemplating if the hares were pulling our leg, a little dingy came sailing up - with Melissa in it!
Ha ha, so two by two we got sailed over to the other side, how cool was that! (A couple of the hens still chose to swim... crazy ladies!)

Unfortunately the on-on got rained away a bit, it's seems this site is jinxed or something, it always buckets down when we are there! I did have time to tuck into a yummy lasagna though before I decided to give up and brave the rainy drive home.
Such a nice different run!

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