Monday, 28 May 2012

Getting homesick

Normally I go back to Sweden twice a year, but since my parents came out this year, I didn't make it home in the "winter". I've only not gone home once before since we've been here, and just like then - I'm now terribly home sick... :/

It sucks being an expat in the summer time. I don't care if we are having hot "summer" weather all year around, it's just not the same. It kills me to read on the blog roll about all the BBQ evenings, forest walks and firsts swims in the sea - Sweden really is world champs on celebrating summer (since it's so short!).

But just wait, I'll get my revenge in September-October when everybody starts complaining about the rain, the cold and the darkness... and here we will still have sunshine and chilled afternoons bobbing around in the Yacht Club pool..! :)

1 comment:

Dad said...

How homesick are you now it's 6 deg an summer has passed?