Sunday, 6 May 2012

We've only just begun

It's the end of the 12WBT challenge today. The very last day of twelve weeks of... transformation? (Pre-season for next round starts tomorrow, if anyone is interested. Check out the link above.)

Well, I guess it's time to sum up my experience and see where these 12 weeks has taken me since I started, back in January.

Did I reach my weight goal? Yes, and some! (Have now set new goal, of course!)
Did I become fitter and stronger? Oh yes! Huge improvements, again, at the Fitness Test the other day.
Did I enjoy the SSSs (=Super Saturday Sessions)? Yes for sure. I didn't make it to as many as I wanted though, sickness, visitors and amah on holiday came in between. Planning on keeping the SSSs up with the gang though, until we all go on holiday in July.
Have I reached the right mindset, to sustain this new "lifestyle", for good? Hm... I sure hope so! Time will tell I guess!

(Just before the last Fitness Test on Thursday)

A friend of mine asked the other day what made me succeed this time, when I've failed so many times before in loosing that weight.
I had to think, because to be honest, I actually don't think Michelle Bridges (the creator of the 12WBT program) has all that much to do with it to be honest! :/
I haven't followed her exercise plans at all, since I do so much Zumba it was just no room for much else. I haven't followed her diet plans other than using her recipes for dinners every now and then. I haven't taken her weekly videos and pep-talk much to heart because I didn't really warm to her (I don't like the aggressive style...).
Well, signing up for this and taking on this challenge, this change, was maybe the kick-in-the-butt that I needed. I guess, I just made up my mind this time.

I have to give a lot of credit to the Brunei 12WBT Team though. Having like-minded people around you helps a lot, and the encouragement and support we have all supplied for each other has been invaluable the past months. Everyone has done so incredibly well on this challenge, personal goals have been smashed over and over again and big milestones have been surpassed.
I've been so impressed and inspired by all these girls and I'm very proud of our team!

So, is this "the end" now when the 12WBT is over?
Not at all. This is just the beginning!
The only thing that will end (for me) now, is the weekly emails from 12WBT - everything else will continue just as it is.
I will continue to make healthy and conscious choices when it comes to food, and monitor my calorie intake. I will continue to exercise daily and try to vary myself in my workouts; I will continue to manage my weight weekly to make sure I stay where I want to be and I will set new fitness goals, to become leaner and stronger.

The biggest challenge for me from now on will be to maintain. This time, I'm not letting it all creep back on again!

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Självförbättraren said...

Grattis till alla goda resultat! Och så rätt det där med betydelsen av att bestämma sig, när beslutet väl är fattat är det så många problem som försvinner och hinder som kan övervinnas bara så där. Och eftersom beslutet redan är fattat för flera månader sedan är jag helt överygad om att du kommer att kunna fortsätta hålla stilen:)