Thursday, 24 May 2012

Maths mission at Giant

Linnea went on her last school trip for this school year today, and finally it was on a day when I could come along!
It was a "mathematical excursion", to the supermarket Giant. The kids got split into groups and I was in charge of Linnea and two of her little friends. Each group got a clip board with our mission.

We had lots of things to look for, f.e something that weighed 1kg, 2kg, 10kg; something that was 1 liter, 2 liter and 330 ml. A big lesson to learn, what is measured in liter and what is measured in kilos - and grams!

We had to find the smallest bag of pasta or noodles, and the biggest one:

We also had to locate a bunch of different items on a long list, and write how they were measured; we had to count the number of aisles and do a few other measurements. Big mission!

After our mission was completed, all the kids had lunch at the food court. My group all went for the pasta option.

Quite a nice little excursion - and always easier to learn when it's hands on like this. Now Linnea is all into grams, kilos and liters; baking will be easier from now on!

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