Sunday, 20 May 2012

Brunei's Next Top Model

Our neighbour Kate turned 10 this week, and this afternoon she had her birthday party.
It was a true dream party for any girl that age, as her Mum Nicole had hired four beauticians from a nearby salon to come and do make-overs on Kate and her little guests. They all got their hair and their nails done, and then they applied their own make-up.
I had been asked to come down to do a bit of a photo shoot when they were all done, and the girls got all into it and posed away for me - they all looked stunning!
Here are a few of the girls - even little sister Gemma had been allowed to access to the make-up..! :)

The group photo turned out fab, as they were all colour coordinated in the chosen colour theme of purple, white and black.

Happy Birthday Katie!

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