Thursday, 10 May 2012

Early morning

Kids were super excited that we were the very first ones at school this morning! First car in the car park!

Well, that happens when you are there at 06.30 I guess... We actually left home as my normal alarm went off on my phone, for waking up...

Lucas is on a school trip today, his first full day school trip, all the way to Temburong! So all the kids had to be at school at 06.50 to catch the bus. Here's the whole of Year 3, really excited!

They had been split into groups of 5, each with a teacher, so lots of supervision which felt good since they are planning on going up doing the canopy walk.
Lucas was in a group with his friend Adam, very giddy!

I'm really looking forward to picking him up from the Bandar Jetty later this afternoon, and hearing all about his hopefully successful, fun and exciting day!

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